How This Louisville Bed & Breakfast Owner Searches for B&Bs When I Travel

November 22, 2022

DuPont Mansion B&B

With a simple internet search, we can find every Bed and Breakfast in Louisville, KY, or in any geographic area on the planet. Provided that the lodgings are listed in a website or some online platform discoverable by search engines, we can find them directly by typing  our desired city plus the words “Bed and Breakfast” in our preferred search engine. And, in addition to search engines, there are a variety Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) claiming to offer best selection or lowest rates.  From the perspective of a local inn keeper with 20+ years experience, going directly to the individual B&B does offer the opportunity for best pricing by avoiding the large commissions often charged to the B&B by the OTA.  I recommend avoiding the OTAs for that very reason.

How This Louisville Bed & Breakfast Owner Searches for B&Bs When I Travel, DuPont Mansion Historic Bed and Breakfast

Otherwise, in the search engine results of all local B&B options, how to choose from those displayed?  The general search produces many choices, with the results sorted by the quality and content of the website (in addition to ratings/reviews and other criteria of the search engines) … more so than the quality, comfort and service of the lodgings. Among all of those search results, how do you identify quality of inn, rather than just the quality of their website? Once you choose, your comfort and safety will depend on the choice!

There are approximately 20,000 Bed and Breakfasts in the United States. I will share my secret for how I select a B&B when I travel. In my favorite search engine, I type (1) “Bed and Breakfast” ; (2) the word “Association”; and (3) the name of the state (i.e., “Bed and Breakfast Association Kentucky”). This will take me to the website of the the relevant Bed and Breakfast Association. 


These are voluntary associations of B&B owners who are serious enough about their innkeeping business that they voluntarily abide by minimum standards and inspections not required by the State. By selecting my stay from one of those members, I am confidant that I will be happy with my choice. This selection method eliminates a significant number of choices. Some of those eliminated would have been fine, but a number of non-members of the Association would not have pleased me. My internet search method – going only through State Association websites, eliminates some potential quality issues, and offers the best possible pricing, as I am avoiding sites which impose significant commissions on BandB owners, and I have an opportunity to see any specials displayed on the  Association member Inn’s website.

With that, we at DuPont Mansion Bed and Breakfast wish you happy, comfortable travels! See the world and enjoy your stays with local, registered, independent innkeepers!